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IPP call centre operating out of the Philippines since 2007. IPP call centre provides callers with personalized, relevant, and winning experiences. lead to revenue growth and customer loyalty, customer experience, ease of access, compliance & data security.

IPP call centre and marketing team work together to share insights both ways. The call centre experts can tell the marketing team which callers converted to customers and sales. The marketing team then know which programs have the potential to generate the most revenue to get more the most valuable callers calling. Everybody wins.

IPP call centre service is purpose-built to serve the customers in a seamless way, centred around customers being the centre of the focus, to be competitive and be a leader in their business.  IPP Call Centre cares about you. We quickly implement and act on your requirements and priority and help you to stay ahead of your business.

IPPBPO24X7 Call centre delivering Services and Solutions to small, medium-sized and large from is located in Quezon City, Manila, the Philippines convenient for the staff to commute to overcome traffic challenges. It is designed and built with State of Art Technologies. IPP has been in this Centre since 2007.



We enrich customers’ purchasing decisions with the information to present multiple choices to increase customer preferences while protecting and supporting Intellectual Capital and Business Model of the Customer.


Our ability to do act with confidence, commitment, competence and by innovations state of the art services empower our customers and suppliers.


Our economic profit comes from adopting performance metrics with different management practices and interacting with people paying attention to their needs.


Our company philosophy is to positively influence everyone we touch. This applies to clients, vendors, partners, and each other. These ideals are reflected in our five core values: Customer Experience, Excellence, Feed Passion, Teamwork, and Good Karma. We are so committed to the core values that each quarter we recognize each other for practising them in our daily work.