IPP Technologies

IPP provides call centre services to its customers and helps them to be competitive and be a leader in their business by providing excellent and cost-effective call centre services. IPP call centre service is purpose-built to serve the customers in a seamless way.

IPP Call Centre cares about you. We quickly implement and act on your needs and help you to stay ahead of your business.

IPP BPO 24x7

IPPBPO24X7 is located in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines. It is designed and built with State of the Art Technologies. IPP have been delivering Call centre Services and Solutions to small, medium size and large businesses from this Centre since 2007.

OUR Brand


Enrich customers’ business decisions with correct and accurate information, while presenting multiple choices to increase customer options!


Our customers are empowered with our competence, commitment, and ability to move with great speed!


We value multiskilled employees - PEOPLE, who strive for excellence, uphold core values, personally accountable, while delivering business solutions in a collaborative manner!

What Makes Us Special
  • We provide great customer service and exceed customer expectations.
  • We really care about our customers.
  • We are prompt in responding emails/calls/chats.
  • We say, “Knowledge is power”, - and quickly learn your business knowledge at our fingertips.
  • We access “touch-points”, areas of interaction between the company and the business.
  • We Create a remarkable customer experience as we know what the customer needs.
  • We put ourselves in the customer's shoes and empathise with the customer situation.
  • We do everything in our power to please the customers.
  • We give the fastest responses to the customer’s queries.
  • We guarantee 99.9% up-time for our call centre services.